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Dragon's Storm is an adult guild that is all about fun and companionship.  Sure, a lot of us might stand at a tradeskill station all night grinding out writs - but that's fun, right??  We believe in playing the way you want to play and helping you achieve your goals.  We really hate drama.  (Don't all guilds say that?)  We want to be sure that everyone gets to enjoy their playtime.

We have some members who are all about raiding and some who hope never to see the inside of a raid zone again.  We have people who mostly craft and people who think that crafting is Teh Debil.  Each of us tries to be the best at what we do, because that's the way we play.

If you want to be in a casual guild with the opportunity to raid, Dragon's Storm might be the place for you!  Hang out with us for a while and see if it feels right.  :)

Happy Anniversary, DS!

Nizkayuna, Mar 2, 10 10:39 PM.
Just a tad late: Happy Anniversary to us!!

51 guild levels in one year ain't too shabby!  And now we're already closing in on 53!

Grats to Scabs for being the first to hit 90 - tailor, but still!

Go us!


Nizkayuna, Sep 15, 09 9:10 PM.
GL 50 is here!!

Thanks to everyone's hard work, we've hit 50!  We're going to stay in the tier 1 guild hall for now, unless and until we have a real need to move.  Great job!!!

GL 45!!

Nizkayuna, May 11, 09 8:48 AM.
Congrats on GL 45!!!

I can't believe how fast the guild is going.  Y'all are truly amazing!  We'll be moving to our new home before you know it! :)

Don't forget to deposit your contributions toward the purchase of the new hall in Bank 1! Thanks!!!

New forums!

Nizkayuna, May 8, 09 4:03 PM.
New Forums!

Check it out - I've added some new forums and subforums.   If you have anything you'd like to post (guides, questions, etc), please do!

Also, let me know if there's a forum or subforum you just HAVE to have! :)  (Foolish, you have a raiding one now for you to abuse as you see fit. ;) )

Guild Level 40!

Nizkayuna, May 4, 09 9:35 AM.
40!  Already??

I completely forgot to post grats to all when we hit 40!  We've just been going so fast....

Great job, everyone!  We'll be in that Tier 2 guild hall before you know it!!
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